Working and fitness

I was recently interviewed by a local media company, they create some great promotional videos for ATP Tennis, one of them was about the players very tough training regime. Not everyone can or needs to train the same way as a pro, but they asked me how does the average person fit in fitness while also holding down a busy job, travelling with work and then add in family/friends/social life…..

It can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be, a few simple additions like walking to speak to a colleague instead of emailing, taking stairs not lifts, a lunchtime walk or for the more adventurous add in a 10 minute interval session. It is possible. And it can make you feel a lot better. Have a read of the full interview.

Bodyweight workout

It’s January, resolution time of year – and for many, that means getting into a fitness regime. If you have had a couple of weeks off, coming back from injury/illness or a newbie, bodyweight workouts are a good place to start. This one takes about 30 minutes. 

Don’t forget to warm up and stretch after! Do what you can, start off slow and build up. And enjoy it! Working out should never be a chore – it’s keeping you healthy and helping you do more for longer.

January blues or balance

It’s January, how do you see it? A grey, dull month with no money, nothing to look forward to or as a fresh start, a time to make goals and reassess where you were a year ago.

Or maybe it’s a bit of both. That’s balance, and I think that’s what we should all aim for.

I don’t make resolutions because that’s just another thing to add to a list, but I try to find something to aim for, building my business, changing my workouts, balancing home/social time with work. And I know I don’t get it right all the time. But it’s a balancing act.

Last year my friends and I each planned an activity to do each month – the kind of thing we have often said, we should do more often or that we would like to do. It worked quite well, some months easier than others, but it made us make an effort and share experiences.

I saw another version of this – a resolution a month. I think that is much more achievable for so many people, I am planning on trying a Barre class for January, I have never done it and I think this will be helpful because I can remind myself how hard it is for my clients to make that first step.

Next up I need to set some new goals, I am so thankful that I met my business goals last year, so that needs to continue but not at the expense of my sanity, which nearly happened. I took a break and made the bold step to cancel some things and ask clients to move around their days or times, this enabled me to organise my days better – balancing home and work and making me much happier and therefore more productive. I probably still need to learn to say NO a bit more…… don’t we all??

Basically, we all need to find our balance, in all areas of our life. Easier said than done sometimes but a goal worth striving for to keep us happy and healthy.

Happy New Year.