All in the mind

Mindfulness is a hot topic, but it’s not just about meditation, it can be used in all aspects of life. Ever been to the gym without a plan in mind? Or to the shops without a list? Quite often you end up with disappointing results – but if you spent a few minutes planning what you wanted to achieve you would get better results.

Most health professionals would agree that time spent planning and thinking about the results you want, will help you stick to realistic goals. If you want to lead a healthy balanced lifestyle, which means no more fad diets, then you need to plan and keep it in mind when making decisions, from the weekly shopping, being at work, eating out or to snacks on the go.

Mindful eating isn’t a fad diet, it doesn’t mean you have to deny yourself of favourites, it’s about thinking about the choices you make, enjoying your food, eating food you like (just less often with the treat things) and be realistic. Can you keep eating this way for a week or a month? If not then how can you stick to it for a lifetime? Make small changes that will lead to a healthier way of life and the end of ‘dieting’ stresses. Has to be worth a go…..