New year – new you?

I have decided not to make any new years resolutions, except to stop being so tough on myself. I am completing my Personal Training Diploma, which will enable me to help more people in the longer term, I am trying to build up my business as well as work – I don’t think I have time for much else at the moment. So, I am working on a better me. New Year – not new me – just a better version (because I will have completed my qualifications and hopefully progressed my business).

I was pleased to read that Women’s Health magazine (which I love), has also taken a step to help women be kinder to themselves – by no longer putting headlines such as ‘Bikini Diet’ on the cover. Women generally are interested in the latest diet trend or how to lose weight (and preferably quickly), but it’s good to see they have taken a steer from readers who want more. WH are educating readers to work out, eat well and generally be less bothered by scales or what we think we ‘should’ look like. Refreshing.

While there are many New year – new you slogans out there, I will be encouraging my clients to change it to New Year – Your best year (or a better you). Hopefully it will give them the positive motivation to continue towards their goals or to make new goals, if that’s what they choose. A better you is all about improving in ways you want to, a few life tweaks to get you a step closer to your specific goal.

From good to great


Whatever your starting point, your new to the gym or redefining goals, here are a few tips aimed to help you get the best out of your workout.  They may seem simple, but could make the all the difference.

  1. Goal setting – new or revised. If you don’t know what you want to achieve then how can you achieve it? Break it down into smaller goals, visualise it, do whatever helps you to fix it in your head.
  2. Nutrition – make a food diary, whatever your aim, nutrition is key, you need to eat the right foods to nourish  your body. If you are aiming to lose weight it will also help you see patterns and where you may have extra calories.
  3. Rest – the body needs time to recover, don”t skip rest days otherwise you could end up injured or overtraining. 
  4. When you are in the gym make it count – try intervals or higher intensity. If you struggle with motivation then join a class. And don’t forget to change it up, doing the same old thing – change makes your body work harder.
  5. Focus, think about the muscles you are working, the goal you have set and don’t forget to enjoy it! You won’t stick with it if you don’t enjoy it.