Party season

It’s the season to be jolly, but not if you are keen gym goer, all the extra socialising (and with that eating/drinking etc) can play havoc with the usual routine and for some, that can mean falling off the fitness train and struggling to get back on it.

So plan ahead, if you can’t commit to your usual sessions, try shorter, harder ones, train SMART each time. Arrange to meet friends at the gym, before for coffee (as long as you can encourage eachother to make it to the gym), or after for a drink. Also remember to enjoy the party season – use Christmas to have your rest week, if it’s planned, it’s less irritating when you can’t get into the gym. Suggest meeting for walks so you can get some light exercise in while socialising. And don’t over indulge too much! Christmas is one day (cheat day).

1000 miles complete

So pleased to have finally completed my 1000 miles, the goal was before Christmas, but then I realised I was so close during November that I moved the deadline to November 30.

The last few days meant long walk – 8-9 miles a day, quite tough going, some days the weather was not kind! Strong winds, rain and short days meant it was tricky to fit in, but worth it to complete the challenge,

Yet to decide my next I will leave it to the new year.

It’s beginning to feel a lot like winter

Today is the day meteorologists call the first day of winter, albeit a mild one so far. With shorter daylight hours, stressfully busy and long working hours, not forgetting it’s the party season, our bodies are under stresses that we often don’t have at other times of the year.

Something about the build up to Christmas makes us all want to be the life and soul of every party and that each one should be ‘perfect’ It’s impossible, but every year we try. If you haven’t already started, look into taking Vitamin D – it’s not right for everyone, but in the UK, we are generally deficient in this vitamin because we don’t get enough daylight (who has time to leave their desk to go outside when you have a deadline?). Also worth looking at multi vitamins.

Ideally we would get everything we need from our diet – but sometimes we need a helping hand.